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The Upper Floor

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The Upper Floor is living the dream of kink 24/7. Did we say we had other favorites under the Kink umbrella? We probably deserve as much punishment as the slaves here on any given dream. The Upper Floor is chronicles of a full-on kinky lifestyle practiced in a building entirely dedicated to these perverse purposes. Slave training? No, more, much more. No border between real life and life in the dungeon any more, it’s all the same! Action never stops at The Upper Floor, so check it out.

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It’s a bit surprising, but Kink have surpassed their own standards here. The members area of The Upper Floor provides an excellent, highly stylish wrapping for its content. It preserves the usual layout and usability standards you will find inside (and well, outside) sites of this brand. However, there’s an extra decadent feel here. After all, we’re dealing with sophisticated fetish and Ds lifestyle here. The packaging has to suit the product! With hints of royal red and golden brown, the members area takes you naturally and easily to different sections of the site, like raw footage, episodes, or live cams. The usual Kink set is here, with extensive community features and lots of set details. This is decadence of the highest grade, and even without being there physically, you’ll feel it.


This is always our favorite part, but here, telling you about The Upper Floor, we’re not even sure where to start. Essentially, the site is a never-ending documentary of parties, sessions, trainings and what not taking place in a mansion entirely dedicated to the lifestyle of kink. You can imagine how diverse it can get. There’s literally no limit to what these slaves and Masters living the pervy dream 24/7 can come up with. However, the guys behind the site manage to dish out great stuff, including edited movies, raw footage from all over the place, and on top of that, live shows. It’s not even about the video quality being awesome. It’s that you actually see people doing things because they feel like it, because they’re exploring themselves. Nothing beats this feeling, really. See for yourself, you’ll want to become part of The Upper Floor right away!

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  • Downloadable highlight reels posted 3x a week
  • Monthly interactive broadcasts of special events & parties
  • Access to interactive member forums & director's blog
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